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S1E7: Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead. With Guest Host Rosanna Deerchild. Listen as we talk about the importance of the Indigiqueer voice, how we make a home wherever we are, the importance of stories, and the graphic sexual elements of the book that, as our guest host said, ‘made this auntie blush.’

MP3. Season 1. Episode 7 Jonny Appleseed

S1E6: Burning in this Midnight Dream by Louise Bernice Halfe. With Guest Host Janet Rogers. We talk about the beauty and power of poetry and how the author, as the Parliamentary Poet Laureate, is exposing the truths and amplifying the voices of Indigenous peoples and experiences, especially about residential schools.

MP3. Season 1, Episode 6 Burning in this Midnight Dream

S1E5: Split Tooth by Tanya Tagaq. With Guest Host Alethea Arnequq-Baril. This truly genre-defying book inspired discussions around Inuit storytelling, colonialism, the author’s immense talents and the importance of an Inuit voice in literature. 

MP3. Season 1, Episode 5 Split Tooth

S1E4: Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese. With Guest Host Duncan McCue. The late author’s novel is a beautifully written story with many important themes and threads. Listen as we talk about connections to the land, culture, the power of stories, and father/son dynamics.

MP3. Season 1, Episode 4 Medicine Walk

S1E3: Return of the Trickster by Eden Robinson. With Guest Host Cherie Dimaline. Listen as we discuss this much-anticipated third book in the Trickster Trilogy. We talk about the importance of laughter, the strength of kinship bonds, Jared as the anti-hero trickster and the awesome imagination of Eden Robinson.

MP3. Season 1, Episode 3 Return of the Trickster

S1E2: Halfbreed by Maria Campbell.  With Guest Host Gregory Scofield. We talk about this seminal autiobiography/memoir, widely acknowledged as one of the earliest books in the Indigenous literature canon in Canada. For many readers, it was the first introduction to a personal account of life as a Métis in western Canada. We discuss how the book was recently re-released to include a previously deleted sexual assault scene and we delve into how this story impacted us.

MP3. Season 1, Episode 2 Halfbreed

S1E1: Why Indigenous Literatures Matter by Daniel Heath Justice. Welcome to the Storykeepers podcast with Waubgeshig Rice and Jennifer David. We talk about what literature means to us, why we wanted to launch this podcast and, of course, why Indigenous literatures matter.

MP3. Season 1, Episode 1 Why Indigenous Literatures Matter

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Storykeepers podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and everywhere you find your favourite podcasts.